SteelDog Ball Birds Goose Plush Dog Toy


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The SteelDog Ball Birds Goose Plush Dog Toy may not be life-size, but it is full of fun! With a plush belly and a tennis ball body, this toy is ready to play, inside or out. The fun doesn't stop if your pup tears through the seams, as a tennis ball toy is waiting inside - it's like two toys for the price of one.

Features & Benefits -

  • Great value - a tennis ball surprise inside makes this a fun 2-in-1 toy.

  • Sturdy seams - long-lasting and well made for games shake and fetch (though not designed primarily as a chew toy).

  • Quiet - no squeaker.

  • SteelDog Chew-O-Meter Rating = "Moderate" on a scale of Gentle to Aggressive.



  • One Size = 8 Inches long by 7 Inches tall.

Please remember your dog's safety is your responsibility. It always best to supervise your pet during play time. If your dog damages their toy or loosens smaller pieces that may be swallowed, please discontinue use immediately.