About Us

The Dogs

Our Bernese Mountain Dogs Teddy and Willow inspired us to start Northwest Pets in Eagle, Idaho in September 2005. We had a simple vision – offer a better selection of dog and cat products, in a welcoming environment, staffed by a passionate team of knowledgeable and helpful folks that love pets just as much as you do! You can shop for your pets with confidence at Northwest Pets. We specialize in filling our stores with unique, high-quality products, including a wide selection of the best commercial pet food available that is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Everything we stock must meet the ultimate test of enhancing the lives of your dogs, cats and small animals. We are constantly on the lookout for exciting new merchandise, with an emphasis on items that are natural, holistic and made in the USA. We don't have to make wild guesses about what products will keep your pets happy and healthy, because we use the same stuff we sell with our own animals!

The Products

In a retail world becoming increasingly dominated by mass marketing and impersonal online sales, we haven’t forgotten that face-to-face contact with live customers in our physical stores keeps us in touch with the things that really matter to pet parents. We know that shopping for, and with, your dogs and cats should also be a lot of fun – so we take a lot of pride in creating a clean, organized, and inviting atmosphere that gets tails wagging before you even enter the building (admittedly, free treats might have something to do with that, too!). We also emphasize supporting our local pet community over “just selling stuff,” by offering extras like self-service pet washes, fun and informative in-store events, and partnerships with local pet charities.

The People

Finally, having great products and a nice environment just isn’t enough to survive in the retail business anymore. We work really hard to build and maintain a great team of people that makes good things happen. Northwest Pets folks have something in common with every single one of our customers – we are first and foremost passionate pet parents ourselves. Beyond caring and having compassion for animals, we strive to get training and personal experience in the important details you need to know about our products, so we can guide you toward solutions in surprisingly complex and important topics like pet nutrition, behavior, and grooming. We also love to carry your bag of food out to your car, too!

If you are reading this from outside Idaho or are too busy to drop by, use the links at the bottom of the page to send us a message or post a question on social media – it’s a smaller digital world after all. Last but not least, we sincerely thank you for taking your valuable time to visit us on the web or in person at one of our brick and mortar stores – and for shopping with Northwest Pets! 


The Northwest Pets Team




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