KONG ZoomGroom Rubber Cat Brush Raspberry


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The KONG ZoomGroom Rubber Cat Brush Raspberry is KONG's versatile grooming tool with a patented design that helps keep your cat clean and reduces shedding and ingestion of hair that leads to hairballs. The ZoomGroom is easy to grip and is useful on both dry coats and for shampooing wet coats, too!

Features -

  • Comfortably massages your cat's skin with wide, gentle rubber teeth.

  • Useful on dry coats for removing loose dirt and hair, and stimulating your cat's skin to produce healthy natural oils.

  • Perfect for loosening dirt and hair and working shampoo into longer coats when bathing your pet.

  • Great for all coat types.

  • Attracts loose hair like a magnet - regular use helps reduce hairballs.

4.5 Inch Length. Raspberry color. Made in USA.


Brushing: Move gently in a circular motion in your dog's fur.

Bathing: Apply undiluted shampoo directly to ZoomGroom. In a circular motion, glide the brush through wet hair. Rinse when shampoo is completely applied to coat.