KONG ZoomGroom Rubber Dog Brush Large Boysenberry


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The KONG ZoomGroom Rubber Dog Brush Large Boysenberry is KONG's versatile grooming tool with a patented design that helps keep your dog clean and reduces shedding. The ZoomGroom is useful on both dry coats and for shampooing wet coats, too!

Features -

  • Comfortably massages your dog's skin with wide, gentle rubber teeth.

  • Useful on dry coats for removing loose dirt and hair, and stimulating your dog's skin to produce healthy natural oils.

  • Perfect for loosening dirt and hair and working shampoo into longer coats when bathing your pet.

  • Great for all coat types.

  • Attracts loose hair like a magnet.

Large Size (4.5 Inch Length). Boysenberry color. Made in USA.


Brushing: Move gently in a circular motion in your dog's fur.

Bathing: Apply undiluted shampoo directly to ZoomGroom. In a circular motion, glide the brush through wet hair. Rinse when shampoo is completely applied to coat.