Coastal Pet Train Right Cotton Web Dog Training Lead

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The Coastal Pet Train Right Cotton Web Training Lead is the preferred choice of trainers for teaching your dog off-leash obedience commands while keeping them safe and under your control at all times. These leads are available in a 5/8 inch width, so they are not too bulky, while giving you as much as 30 feet of space between you and your pet to work on commands like stays and recalls.

Choose from available color and length.

Note: This product is neither suitable nor safe for use as a tie out (not that you should ever tie-out your dog as part of their daily routine) and is not chew resistant.



  • Soft and light in your hand, but very durable under normal use with box stitches for added strength.
  • Nickel plated swivel snap helps prevent the leash from twisting.
  • Available in lengths from 6 to 30 feet.