Zanies Tennis Ball Minis Dog Toys 6 Pack


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The Zanies Tennis Ball Minis Dog Toy 6 Pack contains a bunch of perfectly sized balls for smaller dogs. These good old fashioned tennis balls come in a variety of bright, fun colors that will bring some joy to playtime!

Features & Benefits -

  • Not too big for smaller-sized mouths.

  • Bright color combinations that help stand out in the grass or in low light.

  • Great for games of fetch and healthy exercise.

6 Pack. Assorted colors.


  • Tennis Minis = Measure 2 Inches in Diameter.

When in doubt, choose a larger size toy that your dog will not be tempted to swallow.

Please note - play with toys should be supervised so that dogs do not swallow pieces of the toy. If pieces of the toy becomes excessively loose or frayed, remove and replace it.