Zanies Figure 8 Tennis Ball & Rope Dog Toy 15 Inch


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The Zanies Figure 8 Tennis Ball & Rope Dog Toy is a combination of colorful, chewable tennis balls strung on 100% cotton rope to create a long-lasting and fun toy that is perfect for tugging, tossing, and chewing.

Features & Benefits -

  • A versatile toy for play and chew time.

  • Natural cotton rope dyed with vegetable dyes is colorful and long-lasting.

  • Tennis balls have a contrasting texture and a shape that is easy to pick up.

  • Made of twisted cotton that can help keep clean teeth and gums.


  • Figure 8 Toy = 15 Inches Long.

When in doubt, choose a larger size toy that your dog will not be tempted to swallow.

Please note - play with rope toys should be supervised so that dogs do not swallow pieces of the toy. If the toy becomes excessively loose or frayed, remove and replace it.