Wee Away Skunk Odor Eliminator 32oz

Wee Away

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Wee Away Skunk Odor Eliminator 32oz removes skunk odor from your pet, fabrics, carpeting, tile, sealed wood floors, upholstery, furniture, and any surface not affected by water. It neutralizes foul smells instead of just masking them, and is safe for pets, for you, and for the environment when used as directed.

Features -

  • Powerful natural bacteria and enzymes break down and neutralize skunk oil and other odor-causing agents.

  • Made of all natural ingredients.

  • Eco friendly, Green certified.

32oz flip top bottle. Made in USA.


Apply directly to pet and saturate area. If pet has been sprayed in the face, saturate a washcloth and apply to areas that need treatment, carefully avoiding the eyes. Let sit for at least 10 to 15 minutes and then bathe your pet, as usual.

If odor persists, reapply and let air dry. Best used immediately after your pet is skunked. Do not dilute product - use at full strength.

Color Fastness:

NOTE: Although this product will not harm most carpet and upholstery fabrics, all carpets and upholstery should be tested for color fastness prior to use in an inconspicuous area.