Tucker's Raw Frozen Beef Toy Breed Dog Bones 1 Inch, 6 Pack


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Tucker's Raw Frozen Beef Toy Breed Dog Bones 1 Inch, 6 Pack are made from beef cattle sourced in the USA and are processed and packaged under USDA standards. Raw bones may be added to your pet's daily diet as a treat or a snack, and are a great way to give your pet a source of natural chewing satisfaction.

The fresh meat on the outside of the bone and the marrow within is a natural source of protein, fat and minerals. Raw bones are also great at maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

1 Inch Bones Sized for Small Dogs - 6 Pack. Made in USA.


Beef Meat, Fat and Bone.

Feeding Tips:

  • Recreational bones can be feed as a recreational treat up to two bones per week.

  • Always monitor your dog when feeding recreational bones for potential choking hazards.

  • Once completely cleaned, bones should be discarded within one to two days.

  • Recreational marrow bones are NOT to be completely consumed.

  • When in doubt, choose a larger size bone that your pet cannot attempt to swallow whole.

  • These products are intended for supplemental feeding only.