Smallbatch Frozen Chicken Dog Food


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Smallbatch Frozen Chicken Dog Food is made in Oregon with humanely-raised and antibiotic-free meats. They use certified organic vegetables and source a majority of their ingredients from Washington, Oregon, and California. This formula includes humanely raised chicken, organic produce, and organic kelp from Iceland. 


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Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein minimum of 16.3%, Crude fat minimum of 7.9%, Crude fiber maximum of 1.0%, Moisture maximum of 72.1%

Approx. 39 kcal per slider  |  Approx. 312 kcal per patty

Feeding Guidelines: 

Dog Weight Sliders Per Day Patties Per Day
5lbs 2 .25 Patty
10lbs 4 .5 Patty
15lbs 6 .75 Patty
20lbs 8 1 Patty
40lbs 16 2 Patties
60lbs 24 3 Patties
80lbs 32 4 Patties
100lbs 40 5 Patties


For nursing or pregnant dogs and puppies, quantities per day can be doubled.  Please note that you should always consult your veterinarian especially when it comes to mommas-to-be or nursing dogs. These are only guidelines and may need to be adjusted depending on your individual dog’s needs.