Petlinks Fly Wild Wand HappyNip Diffuser Cat Toy


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The Petlinks Fly Wild Wand HappyNip Diffuser Cat Toy excites your cat with the natural oils and scent of catnip and silvervine, cleverly disguised in a multi-textured wand toy with feathers, plush, ribbons and rope! Catnip and wand toys attract cats back to experience the same stimulating response of scent and motion over and over again!

Petlinks cat toys are part of the innovative Petlinks System, which breaks play down into different categories that encourage activity, bonding, and a safe outlet for natural behaviors!

Features -

  • Extendable wand lets you create the erratic motion of prey.

  • Part of the "Interaction" category of Petlinks cat toys.

  • Gets your cat moving with healthy and satisfying exercise and play.

  • Filled with HappyNip, a unique blend of catnip and silvervine that cats can't resist.

  • Wand measures approximately 24 Inches in Length (when extended), lure measures 14 Inches in Length.



Monitor the condition of your cat's toys and replace them when parts become loose or detached. Supervise for safe play.