Petlinks Feather Flips Cat Toy 2 Pack


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The Petlinks Feather Flips Cat Toy 2 Pack stimulates your cat to stalk prey out of instinct, curiosity, and as a release for their boundless energy. These toys help safely satisfy natural prey drive and offer a kinder substitute for neighborhood birds and critters!

Petlinks cat toys are part of the innovative Petlinks System, which breaks play down into different categories that encourage activity, bonding, and a safe outlet for natural behaviors!

Features -

  • Wildly entertaining feathery plush ball, perfect for batting.

  • Part of the "Hunt" category of Petlinks cat toys.

  • Get your cat some exercise with tossing, stalking and pouncing fun.

  • Measures 6 Inches in Length.



Monitor the condition of your cat's toys and replace them when parts become loose or detached.