PAW5 Official Wooly Snuffle Mat Interactive Dog Feeder


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The PAW5 Official Wooly Snuffle Mat Interactive Dog Feeder adds a little enrichment to your dog's day every time they eat! No other product on the market is as engaging for their amazing sense of smell as the Wooly Snuffle Mat. It's an entirely unique feeding experience that mimics your dog's innate foraging instincts.

You're also going to love watching them forage their way through dinner or snack time - a snuffle mat is a fun adventure for both of you - so enjoy!

Features -

  • Offer "enrichment" for your dog's mind at mealtime by pouring their dry food on top of the mat.

  • Made with a modern design and neutral color that fits in any home.

  • Easy to clean in your washer and dryer.

  • One size fits all dogs.

  • Made with safe and sustainable materials.

Gray color.

To Use:

Just pour your pet's food or treats directly on top of the mat and let your dog sniff, snort, and snuffle their way through mealtime!

To Clean:

Simply toss into the washing machine and then the dryer.


Not intended as a chew toy. Always supervise your pet during use and do not leave in your dog's crate or kennel. Replace product if it becomes torn, broken, or damaged. For dry food only.