Kurgo Up & About Dog Lifter


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The Up & About Dog Lifter from Kurgo gives your pet a little lift when they need it most! It provides extra support for pets that suffer from injuries or advanced age that makes daily activities like stair climbing or jumping into the car difficult.

The Up & About is a great alternative for larger dogs that are simply afraid of going up a vehicle ramp, too.



  • Padded for comfort and offers your pup a full range of motion while you support their chest and rear.
  • Features a collar connector for added control.
  • Adjustable top and bottom straps.
  • Comfort grip handle.
  • Lifetime guarantee offered through Kurgo.


  • Designed for dogs 40-80 lbs with up to a 36 Inch chest.


  • Machine wash gentle or hand wash.
  • Air dry.