KONG Wubba Classic Dog Toy Puppy


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The KONG Wubba Classic Dog Toy Puppy is a fun, interactive tug and toss toy that is great for interactive or solo play. Its long floppy tails are ideal for stimulating shaking and tugging instincts, and make for more interesting games of fetch. A durable reinforced nylon exterior comibine with a unique squeaky ball shape to make your first play sessions with your puppy a fun bonding experience!

Features & Benefits -

  • Sized specifically for puppies.

  • Reinforced fabric and stitching for long lasting fun.

  • Floppy tails are perfect for interactive games of tug and fetch, or just shaking it out.

  • Squeaks for added engagement.

  • Not meant to be used for chew sessions - choose a classic Kong rubber toy instead.

Assorted colors - Blue or Pink (please let us choose for you). Imported.


  • Puppy = 7 inches long (appropriate for puppies and toy/small breeds).

Please remember your dog's safety is your responsibility. It always best to supervise your pet during play time. If your dog damages their toy, please discontinue use immediately.