KONG Wet Wubba Dog Toy


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Kong Wet Wubba Dog Toys combine elements of other popular products in one great toy that is ready for water play!

Two balls and four flappy tails are covered in bright neoprene fabric, making it visible on the top of the water. The Wet Wubba also dries quickly so it can come back in the house when swimming time is over.

You can throw it, play tug with it, water retrieve with it, or let your dog give it the "death shake" - you name it! It's easy to pick up without getting slimed, too!

Not a chew toy. Supervised play is recommended. Remove loose pieces or the entire toy as appropriate to avoid ingestion.

Assorted colors, let us choose for you. Imported.


  • Large - 14 inches long.
  • XLarge - 17 inches long.