Drinkwell Platinum Dog & Cat Water Fountain


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Do you have a cat that runs to the faucet when you turn it on? The Drinkwell Platinum Dog and Cat Drinking Fountain by PetSafe provides a continuous stream of fresh, moving water for your pets! The Drinkwell Platinum Fountain has a 1.3 gallon reservoir capacity and delivers a patented, free-falling stream of water similar to a faucet that entices your pet to drink more.

The Drinkwell Platinum Fountain is veterinarian recommended as a tool to keep your canine or feline fully hydrated and in optimal urinary tract health. This is especially true for indoor cats that eat only dry food, as they can become chronically dehydrated over time and experience issues like bladder crystals which can be painful and cause elimination to occur outside the litter box.

The Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain is also great for providing a convenient supply of water while you are away at work or play for cats and dogs (best for pets under 90 pounds or several small to medium-sized pets).

Note: pet fountain reservoirs need to be checked regularly and kept re-filled to prevent motor damage. Replacement filters and cleaning kits are available to keep your fountain in top shape and your pet's water tasting great! Fountain filters can be changed on the fly while your unit is running.

BPA-free plastic components are dishwasher safe (except for pump). For indoor use only. Imported.

Measures 15 Inches Long x 9 Inches Wide x 10 Inches High.