Doggie Design American River Ultra Choke Free Dog Harness

Doggie Design

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The Doggie Design American River Ultra Choke Free Dog Harness is a safe and comfortable soft mesh everyday harness. It is a very popular choice at NW Pets due to its easy to use step-in design, multiple patented safety features, and high quality construction!

Features & Benefits -

  • Trachea safe, choke free design.

  • Patented seam and closure technology help achieve a conforming fit to your pet's chest.

  • Incredible material and zigzag stitch strength tested to 386 pounds.

  • Double safety closure to help prevent accidental release.

  • Double D ring leash connection fittings.

  • Reflective strips for safer nighttime walks.

  • Hand wash and line dry.

Choose your size and color. Imported.


Please measure your pet's chest carefully before ordering. The chest measurement is the widest distance around the torso right behind the shoulder blades and front legs.

  • XXSmall: 2-3 lbs, 9-11 Inch Chest.

  • XSmall: 4-6 lbs, 11-13 Inch Chest.

  • Small: 6-11 lbs, 13-16 Inch Chest.

  • Medium: 11-16 lbs, 16-19 Inch Chest.

  • Large: 16-25 lbs, 19-21 Inch Chest.

  • XLarge: 25-40 lbs, 21-24 Inch Chest.

  • XXLarge: 40-50 lbs, 24-27 Inch Chest.

See Doggie Design harness fitting tips here.