Harness Lead Combination Dog Leash & Harness

Harness Lead

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The Harness Lead Combination Dog Leash & Harness is a simple to use tool that will offer you more control over your dog and less pulling on walks. It will reduce the amount of time you spend frustrated and give you more positive time for bonding with your dog! No more choking and gagging!

Harness Lead has the ability to change its shape as your dog changes shape, which allows it to grow with your dog as they go from being a puppy to an adult! It molds around any body type or figure - and even fits cats, pigs or goats!

Harness Lead is constructed from double-braided polyester that is hand spliced. Made in the same way as dock line for boats, it is literally strong enough to withstand upwards of 3,700 lbs of pulling pressure!

Harness Lead Features -

  • Uses upward lift and release to reduce pulling - the dog's OWN pressure against the leash will encourage him to slow his pace.

  • Tightens around the dog's chest only - no tightening around the trachea (neck).

  • If your dog tries to back out of this harness, the leash will tighten around the body like a slip lead and they won't escape.

  • Soft fibers are gentle on the dog's skin. The design is intentionally minimal to avoid irritation and discomfort.

  • May also be used as a slip lead or stationary collar lead.

Choose your size and color, as listed. Reflective colors include a strand of reflective material woven into the rope for increased nighttime visibility.

Machine washable, hand dry. Handcrafted in the USA.


Harness Lead comes in two sizes.

Choose from -

  • Small/Medium = best for pets 14 to 40 lbs.

  • Medium/Large = best for pets 40 to 170 lbs.

Directions for Use:

Harness Lead comes with complete fitting and usage directions. It is important to follow the guidelines for proper fit. This product is meant to be used with kindness - no jerking, yanking, or correcting is recommended.

Harness Lead works best in a gentle manner along with positive encouragement and praise from the handler. Relax the leash and let the dog's pressure be the only pressure against the leash.

Please note: Harness Lead is a WALKING TOOL and is not to be used for RUNNING with your dog.

Harness Lead is guaranteed for dogs that continue to pull after you try it. Just return it within two months of purchase. However, it is not guaranteed against chewing - supervise your dog at all times while wearing the product to prevent chewing through the rope (which they can do!).