Dexas Popware Flexible Silicone Pet Food Can Suction Lid


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The Popware Flexible Silicone Pet Food Can Suction Lid is a great way to keep canned pet food fresh between servings. It has a tight seal that preserves food longer and it fits most cans, glasses and small containers.

Features & Benefits -

  • Keeps food fresh longer and reduces waste.

  • Instant vacuum seal.

  • Allows for buying a larger than single use can size, which lowers your canned pet food costs.

  • Dishwasher safe.

Choose your color. 4 Inch Diameter.


To use, place suction lid on top of an open can and slightly push in the center to form a vacuum seal. To remove, just break the vacuum seal and remove.

Care instructions:

For proper hygiene always wash pet food lids after each use to prevent cross contamination and spreading of germs.


Made of BPA-free silicon.

Note - not designed to work with safety cut can openers.