Vittles Vault Pet Food Container 10lb


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The Vittles Vault 10lb Bucket Food Container is ideal for storing both pet food and people food. These canister style buckets feature sturdy construction and a heavy duty steel handle for easy transport.

Dry pet food capacity is approximately 10 to 15 lbs depending on kibble size and density. When in doubt, round up to the next size.



  • Heavy duty construction and sourced from USA materials.
  • Food-grade and BPA-free. Safe for people and pets.
  • Secure screw top lid with freshness seal.
  • Includes free scoop.


  • Hand wash with mild detergent.
  • Regular cleaning is recommended to prevent food from going rancid (oils can absorb into plastic).


  • 12 Inches Tall by 12 Inches Wide by 12 Inches Long