Timberwolf Alpine Rope Dog Collar


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The Timberwolf Alpine Rope Dog Collar is a hard to find true "rope collar." Among the benefits of a rope collar is that it is extremely lightweight and it will not cut or mat fur. Ideal as an everyday, around the house type of collar, we do not recommend this type of collar for dogs that pull excessively. Comes with a welded steel D-Ring and a side-release buckle.

Timberwolf is the leading manufacturer of braided rope pet products.

Features & Benefits -

  • An "everyday" collar made of lightweight, strong and durable braided alpine climbing rope (keep collar snug - not chew proof).

  • Great for dogs that tend to get matted fur.

  • Side-release plastic buckle.

  • Attached steel D-Ring holds tags and provides a secure leash attachment point.

Choose your size and color. Made in USA.


Carefully measure the circumference (distance around) of your pet's neck with a flexible measuring tape or piece of string that you can compare to a ruler or regular tape.

Choose from -

  • 5/16 Inch Diameter Rope - 10 Inch through 14 Inch lengths.

  • 7/16 Inch Diameter Rope - 16 Inch through 26 Inch lengths.

NOTE - not recommended for use with a tieout (we don't recommend daily use of tieouts, either).