Sam's Yams "Bichon Fries" Sweet Potato Dog Chew Treat 9oz

Sam's Yams

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The Sam's Yams "Bichon Fries" Sweet Potato Dog Chew Treat is a delicious and beneficial chew reward for small dogs or a treat for larger dogs. Made of crinkle cut sticks of dehydrated sweet potato, Bichon Fries have a chewy texture that dogs love and can help clean teeth and gums.

All Sam's Yams Dog Chews are a more digestible alternative to rawhide (though not as long-lasting) and particularly well suited for senior dogs whose teeth and gums are too sensitive for dental chews with tougher textures. They also work well for dogs with allergies to grain-based treats containing gluten.

Will not stain carpets.

9oz package. Made in USA.

Ingredient Listing:

100% dehydrated sweet potato.

Feeding Guidelines:

Always supervise your dog while it is chewing an edible treat to monitor for choking hazards.