Safe Paw Ice Melter for Dogs & Cats 8lb

Safe Paw

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Safe Paw Ice Melter for Dogs & Cats 8lb is the original pet and child safe ice safety solution for over twenty years! Guaranteed environmentally friendly – Safe Paw will not harm waterways and sensitive wetlands.

Safe Paw is a patented dual-effect compound. The liquid component starts melting ice instantly while breaking its surface tension. This allows the crystal core to quickly penetrate and destabilize the ice and speed up the melting process. All this happens while a Safe Paw proprietary traction agent provides additional slip protection.

Unused ice melt is good for years with an unlimited shelf life.

Safe Paw Ice Melter benefits -

  • Safe Paw replaces traditional ice melt products contain large amounts of salt, which can do permanent damage to your pet's paws without you even realizing it!

  • Safe Paw attracts heat from sunlight to make it even more effective.

  • Non-corrosive and non-conductive formula – safe on cured concrete.

  • Pet and Kid Safe, even if ingested.

  • Concentrated formula – use just half of what you would use with salt! Lasts 72 hours on the surface.

  • Salt free, chlorine free, acetate free formula – environmentally safe.

8lb jug with applicator lid. Made in the USA.


Safe Paw is easy to use and works fast! Simply sprinkle anywhere you need to melt ice.