Petlinks Rowdy Rustler Electronic Motion Cat Toy


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The Petlinks Rowdy Rustler Electronic Motion Cat Toy encourages your cat to "hide and peek" to get beneficial exercise and physical activity that can prevent weight gain, poor health, and even aggression. This toy has multiple ways to play and mimics the thrill of the hunt, to get your cat moving, chasing, and pouncing. It transforms playtime into exercise time!

Petlinks cat toys are part of the innovative Petlinks System, which breaks play down into different categories that encourage activity, bonding, and a safe outlet for natural behaviors!

Features -

  • Erratically spining ball moves under fabric "tent" cover to create rustling sounds that curious cats can't resist.

  • Play 3 ways - with motion toy only, toy in an upright tent, or the toy in a collapsed tent.

  • Toy turns on manually and off automatically to save battery life.

  • Part of the "Exercise" category of Petlinks cat toys.

  • Surface washable with a clean, moist towel.

Runs on 2 AAA batteries (first set is included). Imported.


Monitor the condition of your cat's toys and replace them when parts become loose or detached. Supervise for safe play.