Petlinks Scratch Around Cat Scratcher & Nook Cat Toy


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The Petlinks Scratch Around Cat Scratcher & Nook Cat Toy is a 3-in-1 nook and private rest spot that allows your cat to scratch, hide and play in one fun toy!

Petlinks cat toys are part of the innovative Petlinks System, which breaks play down into different categories that encourage activity, bonding, and a safe outlet for natural behaviors!

Features -

  • Carpeted "loopy" interior scratch surface with an added jute rope for playtime.

  • Part of the "Scratch" category of Petlinks cat toys.

  • Satisfies your cat's hardwired instinct to scratch surfaces to mark territory and promote healthy nail growth.

  • Includes multiple textures to attract your cat to the toy and away from your furniture.

  • Measures 13.5 Inches Across.



Monitor the condition of your cat's toys and replace them when parts become loose or detached.