Grizzly Krill Oil Antioxidant Liquid Supplement for Dogs

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Grizzly Krill Oil Antioxidant Liquid Supplement for Dogs is an obvious choice for anyone wanting to safeguard their pet against the harmful actions of free radicals - the unstable molecules created primarily during digestion. Antioxidants like Astaxanthin in Grizzly Krill Oil have been shown to aid in the elimination of free radicals.

In addition to supporting your dog in fighting free radicals, the natural antioxidants in Grizzly Krill Oil also help support the health of your pet’s liver, ocular, respiratory, cardiovascular and vascular functions, as well as helping to maintain good health in all the body’s cells and tissues.

Grizzly Krill Oil benefits -

  • Sustainably sourced from wild Antarctic krill.

  • Contains omega-3 phospholipids), which assist your pet in absorbing nutrients and help maintain cell membranes.

  • An extremely powerful antioxidant product.

  • Helps support the immune system.

  • NASC quality certified.

Choose your size. Made in the U.S.A.


Krill Oil.

Guaranteed Analysis (per ml):

Crude Fat minimum of 99.8%, Moisture maximum of 0.2%, Omega-3 Lipids minimum of 8% (76 mg), Omega-6 Lipids minimum of 1.8% (17mg), Astaxanthin minimum of 850 mcg.

Directions for Use:

See bottle for complete dosing instructions.