Go Cat Cat Catcher Interactive Mouse Wand Cat Toy

Go Cat

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The Cat Catcher Cat Toy from Go Cat is a handcrafted "mouse on a wire" toy that will inspire your cat's natural instinct to chase and pounce! This is one of our customers' favorite interactive cat toys - it is sure to inspire your cat to get the exercise that is vital to a healthy lifestyle for indoor cats.

The Cat Catcher features a small mouse attached to a flexible braided wire which is connected to a 12 inch glitter wand. The mouse averages approximately 2 Inches in length with a 3 Inch tail.

Go Cat toys are a great value and are made domestically with quality materials. If the toy becomes damaged during play, remove loose pieces that may be ingested or replace with a new toy (or you can purchase a Cat Catcher Mouse Refill or other Go Cat to attachments separately).

Colors may vary, please let us choose for you. Made in USA.