Durapet Stainless Steel Square Pet Bowl

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The Durapet Premium Stainless Steel Square Pet Bowl is a sturdy and sanitary way to feed your pet. Premium heavyweight stainless steel construction is bonded to a non-skid rubber base that stays stable and quiet while your pet eats or drinks - no more bowl hockey!

Durapet Pet Bowls are easier to clean and last much longer than plastic bowls (they actually come with a lifetime guarantee). The slanted, square design is slightly lower in the front, making it easier for your pet to feed, too.

Blue base. Dishwasher safe. Imported.


  • Small - measures 6 Inches Wide by 6 Inches Long by 2 Inches Tall and holds 17oz
  • Medium - measures 7 Inches Wide by 7 Inches Long by 2.5 Inches Tall and holds 33oz
  • Large - measures 8.5 Inches Wide by 8.5 Inches Long by 3 Inches Tall and holds 55oz