Benebone Maplestick Durable Dog Chew & Fetch Toy


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The Benebone Maplestick Durable Dog Chew & Fetch Toy proves that sometimes an imitation can be even better than the real thing. The Benebone Maplestick is a long-lasting chew and fetch toy that will have dogs ditching regular sticks for good!

Benebone's unique chew toys are made using a combination of super-strong nylon and food-grade bacon, peanuts, chicken, or maple wood. They use no chemicals or artificial flavors in their toys.

Features -

  • Cleverly and simply designed toys that have a great smell and flavor to capture your pets' attention.

  • Special surface texture and shape are easy for your dog to pick-up.

  • Makes happy dogs and happy parents by giving dogs natural chewing satisfaction directed to an appropriate object.

  • Only the highest quality materials are used to make Benebones.

  • Your Benebone purchase allows the company to give back to charitable animal organizations.

Choose your size. Made in the USA.


When in doubt, choose a larger size toy that your pet cannot attempt to swallow (As a general rule, chew toys should exceed the width of your dog's mouth).

Choose from -

  • Under 30 lb Dog - Small (3 Inches by 5.5 Inches)

  • Under 60 lb Dog - Medium (3.7 Inches by 6.6 Inches)

  • Under 90 lb Dog - Large (4 Inches by 7.7 Inches)


Since no toy is indestructible, you should always supervise your pet when they are using chew toys.

Some dogs chew too aggressively for these toys. Remove the toy if it becomes damaged, as small parts chewed free can cause a choking hazard or internal blockage.

This toy is not digestible or meant to be consumed. Discard the toy if it has experienced excessive wear and becomes small enough to be swallowed.