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We have great food and all the supplies you need for your cat!

Check out our dog products, too!

We have great gifts for cat lovers!

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Your Cat Can Live Longer
& Look Better than Ever!

Photo of Cat Toys, Collars, and Treats

We have a wide selection of high quality cat foods, including many grain-free choices!

Shop our selection of healthy treats and fun toys help your cat to thrive!

Click here to read how we choose a great pet food!

Outfit your cat with the essentials for feline health and happiness!

  • Catnip & interactive toys for exercise & stimulation

  • Treats & supplements for clean teeth, healthy joints & shiny fur

  • Beds & furniture for a comfy & secure rest

  • Bowls & water fountains to increase water intake

  • Scratchers & posts to maintain claws & protect furniture

  • Behavioral aids to curb habits like spraying, climbing the drapes, etc

  • Collars, tags, leads & harnesses for safe handling & identification

  • Litters, boxes & accessories to keep potty habits on target

  • Shampoos & grooming tools for a beautiful coat

  • Stain & odor removers for cleaning up after #1 and #2

  • Books & videos for training the humans

Visit us at 3060 E. State Street, Eagle ID 83616 or call (208) 939-8119